Maternity and Newborn Investment

My journey first began with newborns and I cannot have enough. My main goal is safety over getting a specific pose. I have invested thousands of dollars on posing and editing classes, props and equipment. 

I always ask my clients what their vision is and I give it a twist to my own creativity. I have gone to the point of investing into High Quality maternity gowns purchased from Sew Trendy. I currently have 8 gowns and my collection grows every year. My maternity clients get to use any gown they will like at no additional charge because I have seen my clients attitudes change of how they look after putting that gown on and showing them a behind-the-camera image.

For my newborns, I go the extra mile and purchase props from all over the world. I am very passionate in what I do and it is not an easy task to accomplish. Many people believe I just show up and take the images BUT it takes patience, safety and most importantly the passion to capture such amazing images. Currently I am an All-Inclusive photographer and maternity sessions will be booked only if a newborn session is booked. 

I would love to be your photographer! I am very flexible with payment plans, if needed.